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Our founder, Howard Eric Larson, opened the first local McDonald’s #565, located on the corner of Riverside Drive and North 2nd Street in Clarksville, Tennessee. That store was the 7th McDonald’s opened in Tennessee! Shortly thereafter, he opened his second McDonald’s in Hopkinsville, KY. He found and married his beautiful wife, Mabel, in 1965. They had two children. Howard “Eric” Larson II was born in 1969 and Sherri Lynn Larson in 1970. Together, as a family they continued to open additional McDonald’s in Dickson, Tennessee. Sadly, Mr. Larson passed away in 1985. Mabel took over as the sole owner of operating those stores and building many more during the next 15 years. She showed incredible fortitude to continue the operations alone, while raising two teen age children. Mabel’s brother, David Howell, helped immensely to continue the success Mr. Larson had started. Together, Howard and Mabel’s ability to take risk coupled with David’s ability to manage people are the reasons for this company’s early and continued long term success. 





Howard and Mabel’s son Howard “Eric” Larson II owns and operates all 11 stores. Mabel is still a partner in some of those stores and handles local marketing on a daily basis. Those stores are broken up into two separate running operating entities. The first is “Larson Enterprises” made up of 6 stores. Those stores are #565, #3858, #10468, and #10699. The second is “H.E. Larson LLC” made up of 7 stores. Those stores are #12420, #21704, #24284, #26081, #27884, #36073 and #36375.    

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Our Team,


Each store has a General Manager.  All stores have hourly managers known as swing managers and many hard working crew people. **see locations tab for a complete listing of store managers** 

Our office is located at 2617 HWY 41-A
US Bypass in Clarksville, TN. Our office staff includes our Office Manager, Onida Marrero; Payroll, Ted Castleberry, Administrative Assistant, Becky Moore and Accounts Payable, David Howell. 

We have three supervisors who are responsible for taking care of their assigned stores.     Latisha Goulsby supervises: #24284, #26081, #36073.  Randy Cochran supervises stores: #3858, #10468, #12420, and #21704.  Lastly, To'Afa Horton supervises stores: #565, #10699, and #36375.

Other people working out of the office are Sherri Larson, SOR compliance administrator;  Rick Thompson, Facitily Inspector Director; Ted Castleberry also does our Workman Compensations for all locations; Terray Mires, Justin Ford, Phillip Tucker, Maintenance Technician.